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E-mortal Customs Tattoo's

  2009 DTPCar Show (Driven To Perform) 

  After attending SEMA show in 2007 we found a vendor there (Dunlop Tires). Giving away a set of free tires,  if you tattooed there company logo. We thought this was just to cool of an idea to not try.  With E-mortal Customs, becoming the title sponsor for the 2009 DTP show. We seen our opportunity to try this crazy idea. We outsourced a local tattoo company, and placed them in our booth. We offered two different versions of our company logo's, to be tattooed. We gave both tattoo options for free, done on site at the show. To our amazement the idea was a complete success. Especially given, that we offered no incentive for doing it. By the end of the show, we had tattooed a total of 23 people with E-mortal Customs Logo. What a great day!

E-mortal Customs Off Road accessories, tattooed life style. 

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