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Full-Service Mechanical Repairs & Diagnostic Services. 

       We believe in honesty, and we pride ourselves in being completely open with our customers. Not only do we show you the parts that we are recommending, but we also take the time to sit down with you. And explain any problems or concerns that we may have detected, upon inspecting your vehicle. That said, no work is ever performed without your approval first. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Communication is key to understanding automotive repairs. We always ensure that our clients understand how a particular part works in their vehicle. Being experts in our field, it is our job to help you understand when and why a repair is needed and it is our job to ensure that all of your automotive needs are met in an environment you can trust.

    The best is the least you deserve, let us E-mortilize your ride!

  We are Fleet Experts!  

Our 7-bay shop ensures your fleet vehicles are serviced quickly and back on the road as soon as possible. With our competitive pricing and priority service, E-mortal Customs is your final destination for all things fleet.

   Electronic Vehicle Maintenance And Repair History - We maintain electronic record's of all work and services performed, on all your vehicle's. At any time we can provide you with, all records for any vehicle service or parts sales ever done with us. 

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Engine Check
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Diagnostic Services

  When things go wrong with your vehicle, we'll make it right. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to get to the bottom of any issues and work hard to recommend the best course of action (providing options where available). E-mortal Customs provides full-transparency around all of our quotes and recommendations - and use only the highest quality products, including OEM and NAPA parts. Our diverse team of technicians are trained to know your vehicle inside and out, and to provide friendly service to match their expert knowledge. 

  THE IMPORTANCE OF ENGINE DIAGNOSTICS - If you suspect that your car or truck is not performing the way it should, there's a decent chance you will know something about it from the computer inside your vehicle.  When this light comes on, you should bring your car in for inspection ASAP. Your vehicle’s computer has detected a problem with a key system. Ignoring it can lead to bigger problems. Our certified technicians will diagnose the problem and provide the appropriate solution.


Warning lights and Indicators - Todays vehicle's are equipped with multiple warning systems, to advise the driver when a concern is present. E-mortal Customs is equipped to perform diagnosis, and repair to all vehicle equipped systems. Including but not limited too - ABS - Traction Control - All wheel drive (4x4) - TPMS - SRS (Airbag) - Engine - Transmission - Emission's System's - Etc. 

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Car Repair and Maintenance
Car Repair and Maintenance
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General Repair's 

    When things go wrong with your vehicle, we'll make it right. You can depend on E-mortal Customs, and our certified team of technicians to expertly handle any and all mechanical work on your vehicle. We are able to perform any and all general service/repairs/replacements required during a normal vehicles operating life. Including assisting in the purchase and inspection process, before buying a new to you, used vehicle. 


       Listed below is a general list of services offered, and performed by our team at E-mortal Customs.

 - Vehicle Inspections

    ( Insurance, Pre-purchase, Seasonal (Winter/Summer), General )

 - Steering and suspension inspection/ repair/ replacement.

    ( Ball joint, Tie rod ends, Shocks and Struts, Wheel bearings, Steering Rack and Gears, Track bars, Etc. ) 

 - Brake system including ABS components, inspection/ repair/ replacement.

   ( Pads/Shoes, Rotors, Calipers, Master cylinder, E-brake components, ABS module, Wheel speed sensors, Etc. ) 

 - Complete Tune-up Services, including both ignition and fuel system. 

   ( Spark plugs, Filters, Fuel system clean & Decarb, Throttle body Clean and re-learn, Ignition coils, Distributor, Etc. )

 - Complete drivetrain inspection/ repair/ replacement.

   ( Engine, transmission, transfer case, differentials, Drive shafts, CV joints, Timing belt, Water pump, Etc. ). 

 - Electrical system inspection/ repair/ replacement.

   ( Battery, Alternator, Starter, Windows, Doors, Wipers, Gauges, lighting, etc. )

 - Exhaust system repairs and replacement. 

 - Fuel system including EVAP system testing and repairs. ( Evap Smoke testing service available for leak detection)

 - Clutch Replacement, including individual component repairs / replacement / Adjustments. 

 - Leak Diagnosis and repairs on all vehicle systems. - Heavy leak diagnosis generally requires mandatory engine shampoo and    cleaning services      to be performed for proper diagnosis to be completed. 



    If you do not see a offered service listed above. There is a good chance we still offer it, please contact us and will be glad to assist. 

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Car Oil
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Maintenance & Service's

     New vehicle? No problem. E-mortal Customs is authorized to perform all scheduled maintenance on your new vehicle according to your manufacturer’s warrantee. No matter what your make or model.

     Staying on top of scheduled maintenance is the best way to steer clear of trouble. By being proactive, you can prevent small problems due to natural wear and tear from becoming bigger issues that will cost you more in the long run. Every vehicle manufacturer has a recommended maintenance schedule that outlines items that should be checked and potentially replaced.


   Oil Change' Services 

- E-mortal Customs recommends a basic service every 6,000 km (for oil change, filters, fluids etc.) We also provide regular service packages every 24,000, 48,000 and 96,000 kilometers to check key components that are essential to keeping your vehicle safe and running smoothly.

 - Oil changes are one of the most important services to keep your vehicle on the road. One of the quickest and easiest services you can do to care for your vehicle is an oil change.

   Complete Vehicle Fluid Maintenance/Services 

- We can provide full fluid maintenance on all vehicle systems including, but not limited too -

Cooling System  /  Brake system  /  Transmission  /  Transfer case  /  Differential  /  Fuel  system  /  Steering  / Clutch  /  Superchargers  /  etc. 


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Tire Services 

   Tire Services - The certified technicians at E-mortal Customs are experts in providing high-quality tire services, including wheel alignments, tire installations, tire balancing, tire rotations and tire inspections.


  Tire Installation - It's very important to perform regular tire maintenance, not just for safety, but also to ensure a long lifespan for your vehicle. When you purchase new tires, they have to be in sets of 4, or at least in matching groups of 2 on each axle. This extends the life of your new tires and keeps your tire wear even.

If you need help with your tire purchase, we'd love to help! We can help you compare tire specifications and prices before you buy, to ensure you are getting the best new tires for your needs and budget.


  Tire Balancing - Tire Balancing is important to extend the life of your tires. The certified technicians at our auto repair shop are here to help with all of your tire balancing and tire service needs.

 Tire balancing happens each time you replace your vehicle's tires. Since tires wear depending on road problems and driving practices, uneven wear can be visible after the initial 2,000 - 4,000 km of use. Our certified technicians can assist in determining if your tires need to be balanced and rotated based on mileage and wear.

  Tire RotationYour vehicle's weight is not distributed evenly to all four corners. If you leave all 4 tires just the way they are, some tires would eventually wear out faster than others. We know that a tire rotation is an essential part of making your tires last longer. The tire rotation process consists of moving your tires from front to back, moving them from one side of your vehicle to the other or a combination of both.

Uneven tire wear could bring about unsatisfactory gas efficiency, poor performance, reduce the life of the new tire and can easily cause safety problems. Regular tire rotation helps eliminate premature tire wear and could save you a lot of money on new tires. E-mortal Customs recommends you rotate your tires every 10,000 km to ensure equal tire wear. ( 5000 km on Off Road Tires ).

Tire Inspections -  Tires need to be checked on a regular basis for damage, such as stones, nails or other sharp objects that may have penetrated the tire. They also need to be checked for bulges, tears or cuts that might be the result of contact with road hazards. If you have doubts about the condition of your tires, it's best to have them inspected by our technicians. 

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Wheel Alignment

    Making sure that your wheel alignment is correct is one of the most important things you can do to properly care for your tires. A poorly aligned car will unevenly wear your tires at an alarming rate. If left uncorrected, you may need to buy new tires much sooner than anticipated! Our certified service team would like to invite you to our shop for a wheel alignment service that could extend the life of your tires.


   The actual wheel alignment itself doesn’t just involve the wheels or tires, it includes adjusting the vehicle’s suspension systems. Our team knows how to adjust these sophisticated systems so that your car drives with precision. Here is a list of a few things which may be signs that you need a wheel alignment:

  • Uneven tire wear

  • Drifting to one side or another on the road while driving straight

  • Vibration and/or looseness in the steering wheel

   Even if you don’t notice any of these signs, you may still need a wheel alignment as part of your warranty agreement.

At E-mortal Customs we will perform a front end inspection to make sure all your suspension components are within specification and adjust the suspension so your car tracks straight down the road with no pulls saving your tires from undue wear.

Let us know if you have further questions or would like to book an appointment, we are here to help. 

   Custom / Specialty Suspension Set-up and Wheel Alignments - With the addition of most aftermarket suspension systems, including adjustable components. Major/Minor post install adjustments, will need to be performed. Some potentially before, and most during the initial alignment process and setup. These adjustment are not part of a normal alignment process, requiring additional labor time to perform them.

The adjustment and setup of these components is critical, and the proper knowledge and experience from a specialized service facility such as E-mortal Customs is highly recommend. The proper setup of any modified vehicle, is crucial to getting the vehicle to perform as it should. Exhibiting proper driving mannerism's and characteristics, allowing safe operation and control of the vehicle. 

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Performance Upgrades &
Aftermarket Accesories

   Performance upgrades and accessories, are defiantly our passion and specialty here at E-mortal Customs. With all genre's of vehicle platforms being modified, during almost 20 years in business. We have the skill set, and experience needed to get the job done right. With Off-road and Jeep's being our passion. It is not hard to see within our builds, the drive for perfection and quality we strive to achieve. From the infamous mall crawler, to the heavily equipped weekend warrior, Over landers, Side by Side's, Tow vehicle's, and all the way to full on race vehicles/platforms. 


Listed Below Is A General List Of Services And Parts Available / Offered At E-mortal Customs. 

- Lift Kits - Leveling kits - Lowering kits - Upgraded steering and suspension components - Differential re-gearing - Lockers and limited slips - Axle trussing and re-enforcing - Aftermarket axle assembly's - Hydraulic Steering Systems - Cooling system upgrades - Cold air intake systems - Snorkel's - Exhaust systems including headers - Complete engine upgrade/conversion - Bead locks - Rims - Super charger's - Turbos - Bumpers - Tire carriers - Roof racks - Bed racks - Exterior LED lighting and Mounts - Switch panels - Gauges - Shifters - DIff covers - Fenders - Hood's - Grills - Winches - Programmer's (performance) - Drive shafts - Axle shafts - Skid plates - Rock rails - Side steps - Roll cages - Soft tops - Roof top tents - Onboard Air / Portable air compressor's - GPS - Communications systems (intercoms/CB) - Seats - Seat belts (harnesses) - Seat covers - Steering pumps and gears - Headlights - Tails Lights - Etc. 

Don't See What Your Looking For, Give Us A Call WE Got You Covered 

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Specialty Service's

   E-mortal Customs offers a few services that your normal automotive service center, just can't duplicate. From Mild to Wild, we've done it all.

  From Hot rods, to low riders, 4x4's, Race vehicle's of all kinds. 


  Please contact us for any of your customs specialty needs, and see if we can help bring your dream vehicle to reality with you. 

 - Complete custom vehicle wiring services and design.   - Complete customs vehicle plumbing services ( Brakes, Steering, Oiling, Coolant )        - Customs suspension design and fabrication. - Customs steering design and fabrication.  - Side by Side upgrades and servicing.                              - Engine and drive train conversions/swaps.  - Race Chassis Fabrication and support. - Customs Fabrication services available.



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