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Dana 44 High Steer Arms - Raised-

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Part Number:1942-1943

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We are proud to sell the highest quality steering arms in the off-roading market today! Our Dana44 arms are no exception. Each arm is a 100% CNC machined one-piece unit. Combine this with a perfect geometry adjusted for steering and balljoint Axis Inclination Angle - and the result is a perfect parallel surface between arms. 

If all that was not enough, all our 44 arms are 4th hole compatible for ultimate use with Reid Racing and Solid Axle knuckles. 

Designed for hard use on linked trucks. These arms are built to handle every application whether it be crossover, high steer,or full hydraulic. Get em how you want em; tapered for 1 ton rod ends, or drilled for rod ends.

If you're building a rig with a Dana 44 and leaf springs - you're going to run into problems with getting the tie-rod over your leaf spring pack. One solution previously used is to add a 'spacer' underneath the steering arm and fastening using exceptionally long studs. This system under loads has an increased failure rate due to the studs sheering and arm disconnecting from the knuckle.

Our arms have a mounting surface 2.5" above the knuckle ( 1.25" taller than flat arms, not a measly 7/8" like our competitors ). The arms are 1.25" thick at the knuckle mount and still retain the use of standard length studs. To accomplish this we CNC the arms out of blocks of Billet-Steel!

*************************Please specify upon checkout if you would like the arms drilled for Rod Ends or reamed for 1 Ton Tie Rod Ends (Chevy). ******************************************

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