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1 Ton TRE Tapered Reamer, 1.5"/FT

Your Price: $155.95
Part Number:1679
Need to ream out a pitman arm, high steer arm or factory knuckle to accept the common Chevy 1.5"/FT taper? TMR Customs tapered reamer will last for 100's of holes before needing to be replaced. The same reamer is used in our production shop and it has lasted for 1000's of holes. 
  • Made in USA
  • Flute length 4.5"
  • Minor diameter 7/16", major diameter 1"
  • 1/2" shank
  • Common tie rod end part numbers with the matching taper are ES2234R, ES2234L, ES2233L, ES2027L and many more!


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